When Motivation Is Lacking

I’ve plateaued recently with most of my projects. The combination of a couple of weeks away from college and a lot of other things going on at home has meant I often haven’t had the energy or inclination to get stuck in to the next step for any of my pieces after getting home from work. I have an armchair I want to get done by midsummer that is still just a frame and a foot stool sitting with its top fabric temporary tacked on, gathering dust. I have more finished projects that are sitting, taking up space in my little house, reminding me about how many things I have taken on.

I think in the world of Instagram and shameless self promotion on all platforms but especially social media, it is easy to forget that everyone is human. Everyone censors the image they put out in the world and carefully crafts the perfect exterior. A recent study showed that young people found Instagram and Snapchat the most damaging social media platforms for their mental health. It is easy to see why. Since joining Insta, I have spent hours scrolling though related posts showing incredible upholstery and craft projects by a plethora of talented individuals. The majority of them are amateurs, just like me, and it is so easy to feel awash with jealousy at the skills they have versus what I can do.

I have to remind myself that none of it is real, for every photo of a beautifully stitched rolled edge, there were countless moments when that project didn’t look perfect, had to be unstitched, redone, rephotographed from a better angle.

I take a deep breath and look back to three years ago, when I was trapped in a job I hated, stressed beyond healthy bounds, struggling to keep my head above water. Now, I am lucky to have found a hobby that I love, am good at and has the potential to become a fully fledged career if I wanted it to. I have a wide circle of friends that I have made through this hobby, who are such a fantastic support network. I now have time to explore this and other past times, see friends, enjoy life, feel at peace.

So now when my projects irritate me, I am quick to remember how lucky I am to be in my position, and how much I have going for me. There are options, glinting on the horizon and it is up to me to go and get them.

Watch this space for some exciting news coming soon!

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