I stumbled across upholstery during my quarter life crisis. I had just quit teaching and had no clue what came next. I decided that after years in the education system learning things other people told me I should do, I wanted to learn a more tangible skill. I found a wood working class nearby and set my heart on it only to be told it was full. I felt it was so important that I gain back some sense of autonomy and self that I stopped the woman on the other end of the phone just as she was hanging up. I asked what courses still had availability and she mentioned upholstery. It made sense at the time to do a term of this and then transfer over the wood work. Two years later, I still haven’t transferred and I love this new skill more than ever.

I’ve always been quite handy, and my other love is definitely baking. I might post other types of projects I’ve worked on from time to time. I suppose my teaching background also means I have an ingrained habit of describing and explaining everything I do, whether or not anyone is listening!

Some of my posts are a tutorial of sorts, others showcase some of the projects I’ve been working on. I have to emphasise that I’m definitely still learning and will no doubt do things that other people think of as wrong!

Check out my instagram @theaccidentalupholsterer for more photos of my projects and other non upholstery related things I find interesting.