Summer School 2017

I’ve just finished my annual three-day upholstery summer school and I am once again buzzing with ideas, motivation and enthusiasm.

Going to a class or workshop, even if your skill level means you don’t technically need to, is important every now and again. It refreshes your knowledge, gives you new perspective on puzzles you might be trying to solve and most importantly gives a social element to a hobby or job that can otherwise get pretty lonely. I didn’t know anyone on the course this time around and yet by the end, had come to know eleven other enthusiasts all working at their own level, on a range of projects and I learnt something new from each and every one of them. I even got the courage from one of my course mates to try something new that I will post an update on shortly!

In the meantime, here are the projects I was working on this week:

Stuffed top edge on open backed tub chair

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