PSA: Wear Safety Specs!

Remember at school, when you were carrying out some innocuous activity or another, and your teacher made you wear those awful plastic safety googles that were horribly uncool, blurred your vision and made it harder to finish you task? If you were lucky you got safety glasses that were slightly less awful. You only wore them when the teacher was looking and pushed them up on top of your head the rest of the time.

Well I just proved all of those teachers right..

On Saturday I was sawing up some planks for a project I will post on here at a later date. (The ironic thing here is I used to own safety specs as part of my extensive fancy dress collection but they have long since gone walkabout.) Quite a few times I got sawdust in my face and at one point something stung my eye. Flash forward to my annual opticians appointment this week and she asked me if I did anything to my left eye recently. It turns out that speck of sawdust left a lasting impression on my eyeball and I’m now scarred for life. I’m being slightly over dramatic, there is a scar but it doesn’t impede my vision in any way, it just leaves me slightly more open to infections that are pretty rare anyway.

However, moral of the story: learn from my mistake, don’t be an idiot, protect your eyes! They are the only ones you’ve got.

And I’ve just ordered a pair of safety specs from eBay.

Safety glasses

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