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Fully stitched seat pad on Spanish open backed tub chair

My more eagle eyed readers may have noticed my url change ever so slightly. I have now migrated to a new, slightly less cumbersome web address and am still working out some kinks in my old, migrated posts. I’m really aware that I haven’t posted in ages despite being really busy with my projects and I’m keen to get going again so I’m putting those problems on the back burner and concentrating on shiny new content instead, enjoy!

The Doll’s House and Ethel’s chairs

Somewhere between finishing Laura’s maternity chair and starting on Nanny’s armchair, I started to think about doing paid reupholstery commissions. I mentioned this to a few people and was offered an old stuffover chair to have a go at. I call it the doll’s house chair because of its interesting back story. It was designed and built by William Lendon Prosser. He worked for Maples in London and was asked to make some chairs for Queen Mary’s Doll’s House. I had a look at the website¬†and found some chairs in the king’s bedroom that look very similar.

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